Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP6 Programmer's Guide to Web Applications


The following table describes properties for the manager-properties element. The left column lists the property name, the middle column indicates the default value, and the right column describes what the property does.

Table 6–15 manager-properties Properties

Property Name  

Default Value  




Specifies the number of seconds between checks for expired sessions. 

Setting this value lower than the frequency at which session data changes is recommended. For example, this value should be as low as possible (1 second) for a hit counter servlet on a frequently accessed web site, or you could lose the last few hits each time you restart the server. 



Specifies the maximum number of active sessions, or -1 (the default) for no limit.


none; state is not preserved across restarts 

Specifies the absolute or relative path name of the file in which the session state is preserved between application restarts, if preserving the state is possible. A relative path name is relative to the temporary directory for this web application. 

Applicable only if the persistence-type attribute of the session-manager element is memory.