Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP9 Administrator's Guide

HttpServerAdmin Syntax

The HttpServerAdmin syntax is as follows:

HttpServerAdmin command_name command_options -d server_root -sinst http_instance

You can get an online explanation of the command parameters by typing the following command:

./HttpServerAdmin -h

There are four possible values for the command_name parameter:

Each command has its own set of command options. For more information, see the sections in this chapter that describe each command.

Regardless of the value of the command parameter, the parameters shown in HttpServerAdmin Syntax can apply to all uses of the HttpServerAdmin command.

Table A–1 HttpServerAdmin Parameters



-d server_root

(required). This parameter designates the path to the server root (the location where the server is installed). 

-sinst http_instance

(required). This parameter designates which instance HttpServerAdmin affects.