Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide

Create Virtual Server

Use this option of the create command to create a virtual server.

Please note that if you do not include values for some of the optional parameters, default values are provided. You can always change the default values after the virtual server is created.


HttpServerAdmin create -v -id virtual_server -cl classname 
-urlh urlhosts [-state state][-docroot document_root] [-mime mime_types_file]
[-aclid acl_ID] -d server_root -sinst http_instance


Use the parameters shown in Parameters with the create -v command option to create virtual servers.

Table A–7 Create listen socket parameters



-id virtual_server

The ID of the virtual server you are creating. 

-cl classname

The class of which the virtual server will be a member. 

-urlh URL_hosts

The URL hosts for the virtual server. You can specify more than one URL host, separated by a comma. 

-state state

(optional) Valid values are on, off, and disable. 

-docroot document_root

(optional) If you want to specify a document root for a virtual server, use this parameter. You must use an absolute path name. 

-mime mime_types_file

(optional) The name of the MIME types file for the virtual server. 

-aclid acl_ID

(optional) The ACL file ID <ACLID> used in the server.xml file


HttpServerAdmin create -v -id vs3 -cl class1 -urlh annh -d 
/export/sun/server6 -sinst

HttpServerAdmin create -v -id vs4 -cl class1 -urlh annh,annh2 
-state off -mime mime.types -d /export/sun/server6 -sinst