Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP11 Administrator's Guide


Use the parameters shown in Parameters with the create -v command option to create virtual servers.

Table A–7 Create listen socket parameters



-id virtual_server

The ID of the virtual server you are creating. 

-cl classname

The class of which the virtual server will be a member. 

-urlh URL_hosts

The URL hosts for the virtual server. You can specify more than one URL host, separated by a comma. 

-state state

(optional) Valid values are on, off, and disable. 

-docroot document_root

(optional) If you want to specify a document root for a virtual server, use this parameter. You must use an absolute path name. 

-mime mime_types_file

(optional) The name of the MIME types file for the virtual server. 

-aclid acl_ID

(optional) The ACL file ID <ACLID> used in the server.xml file