Sun Java System Web Server 6.1 SP12/SP13 Release Notes

Sun Java Studio Enterprise Support

Web Server 6.1 SP13 supports Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8. Sun Java Studio technology is Sun's powerful and extensible integrated development environment (IDE) for Java technology developers. Sun Java Studio is based on the NetBeans software and is integrated with the Sun Java platform.

Sun Java Studio support is available on all platforms supported by Web Server 6.1. The plug-in for the web server can be obtained in the following ways:

Note –

Sun Java Studio 8 plug-in for Web Server 6.1 SP13 works only with a local web server, that is, the IDE and the web server must be installed on the same machine.

For more information about Sun Java Studio 8, see

To Use Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 for Debugging

Sun Java Studio Enterprise 8 can be used for remote debugging if you want to manually attach the IDE to a remote web server started in debug mode.

  1. Restart the server instance in the debug mode by using the Web Server Administration interface (Server Manager->JVM General->Debug Enabled).

  2. Note the JPDA port number.

  3. Start the IDE.

  4. Choose Debug->Start.

  5. Select the dt_socket method.

  6. Type the remote machine name and JPDA port number.

    Any breakpoint created in the IDE on Servlet source code of a deployed application becomes active.