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Sun Netra T5440 Server Product Notes

Product Notes



Important Information About the Sun Netra T5440 Server

Updating System Firmware

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Display the System Firmware Version

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Update the System Firmware Directly From the Host Server

Required Patch Information

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Download Patches

Patches for Option Cards

Technical Support and Documentation

Technical Support

Cryptographic Support

Downloading Documentation

Impact of ILOM 3.0 Upgrade on Platform Documentation

Additional Documentation

Supported PCI Slot Configurations

PCI Slots in the PCI_AUX Board

PCI Slots in PCI Mezzanine Board

High Bandwidth PCIe Cards Installation in the PCIe Slots

Enabling IPsec Cryptographic Hardware Acceleration

Supported Versions of Oracle Solaris and Sun Java Enterprise System Software and System Firmware

Preinstalled and Preloaded Software

Cool Tools for Sun Servers With CoolThreads Technology

Logical Domains

Configuring Host Memory for Logical Domains

Sun Java Enterprise Server and Oracle Solaris OS

procedure iconsmall spaceTo Enable the WebConsole SMF Service

Oracle Solaris Live Upgrade

Sun Studio - C, C++, and Fortran Compilers and Tools

Supported Sun Explorer Utility Version

Managing Power Use by Idle Disk Drives

Changed Behavior When Operating the Oracle Solaris OS With Logical Domains

Results From Halting or Rebooting the Control Domain

Processor Identification

Processor IDs Might Not Start at 0, and Might Not be Contiguous

Issue With Opening Front Bezel

General Issues

Patch 125952-16 Causes Portal Server Failure (CR 6734390)

capi_get_sensors Fault Occurs With Extended ILOM 2.0 Usage (CR 6726829)

nxge Device Has Intermittent Read Fails From xcvr Register (CR 6726465)

Internal DVD Drive Appears Offline in the OpenBoot Prompt Intermittently (CR 6725493)

AC_POK Indicator in the prtdiag Utility for DC Powered Systems (CR 6727840)