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Sun ONE Calendar Server 6.0 Administrator's Guide

Appendix F  
Using Sun ONE Instant Messaging Pop-up Reminders

Sun ONE Calendar Server 5.1.1 (or later) is integrated with Sun ONE Instant Messaging 6.0 (or later) to provide automatic pop-up reminders for both calendar events and tasks on the Instant Messenger desktop.

This appendix describes:

Pop-up Reminders Operation

Pop-up reminders operate based on email reminders. An alarm causes Calendar Server to send an email notification and Instant Messaging to display a pop-up reminder, depending on the options are configured by both the end user and the Calendar Server administrator:

Pop-up Reminders Architectural Flow

If configured, Instant Messaging pop-up reminders follow this architectural flow:

  1. The Instant Messaging JMS subscriber subscribes to Calendar Server events and notifications in the Event Notification Service (ENS).
  2. Calendar Server publishes an event or notification in text/xml or text/calendar format to ENS.
  3. The Instant Messaging JMS subscriber receives the calendar event or notification and then generates a message in text/calendar format.
  4. The Instant Messaging server sends the message to the calendar owner, if the end user is online.
  5. Instant Messenger generates an HTML pop-up reminder on the end user’s desktop based on the message.

Configuring Instant Messaging Pop-ups

This section includes the following configuration examples:

In these examples, Instant Messenger users will receive pop-up reminders for both Calendar Server events and tasks. The server-side installation is as follows:

You will need to edit the configuration parameters for the servers used at your specific site.

Instant Messaging Server Configuration

To configure Instant Messaging server:

  1. Add the following parameters to the iim.conf file:
  2. ! JMS Consumers

    ! JMS providers


  3. Restart the Instant Messaging server for the configuration changes to take effect:
  4. cd /opt/SUNWiim/sbin/
    imadmin refresh

Calendar Server Configuration

To configure Calendar Server, perform these steps:

  1. Set (or add) the following parameters in the ics.conf file:
  2. caldb.serveralarms = "yes"
    caldb.serveralarms.contenttype = "text/xml"
    caldb.serveralarms.dispatch = "yes"
    caldb.serveralarms.dispatchtype = "ens"
    caldb.serveralarms.url = "enp:///ics/customalarm"


  3. Restart Calendar Server for the configuration changes to take effect:
  4. cd /opt/SUNWics5/cal/sbin/

Instant Messenger Configuration

To receive pop-up reminders for both Calendar Server events and tasks, users must configure their Instant Messenger as follows:

  1. On the Main window, select Settings from the Tools menu, or click the Settings icon.
  2. On the Messenger Settings window, click the Alerts tab.
  3. Check the Show calendar reminder alerts option.
  4. Click OK.


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