The WSIT Tutorial

Deploying to Apache Tomcat

Apache Tomcat also has an autoDeploy feature that is enabled by Tomcat’s out-of-the-box configuration settings. If you are not sure whether the autoDeploy is enabled, check tomcat-home/conf/server.xml for the value of autoDeploy, where tomcat-home is the directory where Tomcat is installed. Assuming autoDeploy is enabled, you simply copy your application’s WAR file to the tomcat-home/webapps directory.

The build.xml file which accompanies this example has a deploy target for Tomcat. To invoke that target, run the following command in the top-level directory of the respective examples, either wsit-enabled-fromjava or wsit-enabled-fromwsdl, as follows. You need to use the -Duse.tomcat=true switch to make sure that the application is deployed to Tomcat, and not to the default server, which is GlassFish.

ant -Duse.tomcat=true deploy