Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Administration Console Online Help

The Administration Console provides a help facility containing complete information about how to use the Console to perform administrative tasks. To use the help facility, pull down the Help menu at the right end of the menu bar and choose Overview. The Administration Console’s Help window (Figure 2–2) will be displayed.

Figure 2–2 Administration Console Help Window

Message Queue Administration Console help window. Tree
view of available help topics on left: help topic content window on right.

The Help window’s navigation pane, on the left, organizes topics into three areas: Message Queue Administration Console, Message Queue Object Store Management, and Message Queue Broker Management. Within each area are files and folders. The folders provide help for dialog boxes containing multiple tabs, the files for simple dialog boxes or individual tabs. When you select an item in the navigation pane, the result pane to the right shows the contents of that item. With the Overview item chosen, the result pane displays a skeletal view of the Administration Console window identifying each of the window’s panes, as shown in the figure.

Your first task with the Administration Console will be to create a reference to a broker. Before you start, however, check the Help window for information. Click the Add Broker item in the Help window’s navigation pane; the contents of the result pane will change to show text explaining what it means to add a broker and describing the use of each field in the Add Broker dialog box. Read through the help text, then close the Help window.