Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo View or Modify the Properties of a Physical Destination

  1. Select Destinations under the broker’s name in the Administration Console window’s navigation pane.

    A list of the available physical destinations will appear in the result pane, showing the name, type, and current state of each destination.

  2. Select a physical destination by clicking on its name in the result pane.

  3. Choose Properties from the Actions menu.

    The Broker Destination Properties dialog box (Figure 2–9) will appear, showing current status and configuration information about the selected physical destination. You can use this dialog box to change various configuration properties, such as the maximum number of messages, producers, and consumers that the destination can accommodate.

    Figure 2–9 Broker Destination Properties Dialog Box

    Broker Destinations Properties dialog. Buttons from left
to right: OK, Cancel, Help.

    For this exercise, do not change any of the destination’s properties.

    For topic destinations, the Broker Destination Properties dialog box contains an additional tab, Durable Subscriptions. Clicking on this tab displays the Durable Subscriptions panel (Figure 2–10), listing information about all durable subscriptions currently associated with the given topic.

    Figure 2–10 Durable Subscriptions Panel

    Dialog used to list information about durable subscriptions.
Figure explained in text. Buttons from left to right: OK, Cancel, Help.

    You can use the Durable Subscriptions panel’s Purge and Delete buttons to

    • Purge all pending messages associated with a durable subscription

    • Remove a durable subscription from the topic

    The Durable Subscriptions tab is disabled for queue destinations.

  4. Click OK to accept the new property values and dismiss the dialog box.