Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Command Utility Subcommands for Physical Destination Management

The Message Queue Command utility (imqcmd) enables you to manage physical destinations interactively from the command line. See Chapter 15, Command Line Reference for general reference information about the syntax, subcommands, and options of the imqcmd command, and Chapter 17, Physical Destination Property Reference for specific information on the configuration properties used to specify physical destination behavior.

Table 7–1 lists the imqcmd subcommands for physical destination management. For full reference information about these subcommands, see Table 15–7.

Table 7–1 Physical Destination Subcommands for the Command Utility



create dst

Create physical destination 

destroy dst

Destroy physical destination 

pause dst

Pause message delivery for physical destination 

resume dst

Resume message delivery for physical destination 

purge dst

Purge all messages from physical destination 

compact dst

Compact physical destination 

update dst

Set physical destination properties 

list dst

List physical destinations 

query dst

List physical destination property values 

metrics dst

Display physical destination metrics