Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

File-System Object Stores

Message Queue also supports the use of a directory in the local file system as an object store for administered objects. While this approach is not recommended for production systems, it has the advantage of being very easy to use in development environments. Note, however, that for a directory to be used as a centralized object store for clients deployed across multiple computer nodes, all of those clients must have access to the directory. In addition, any user with access to the directory can use Message Queue administration tools to create and manage administered objects.

To use a file-system directory as your object store, you must specify the attributes shown in Table 11–2. These attributes have the same general meanings described above for LDAP object stores; in particular, the java.naming.provider.url attribute specifies the directory path of the directory holding the object store. This directory must exist and have the proper access permissions for the user of Message Queue administration tools as well as the users of the client applications that will access the store.

Table 11–2 File-system Object Store Attributes




Initial context for JNDI lookup




Directory path