Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Log Message Format

A logged message consists of a time stamp, a message code, and the message itself. The volume of information included varies with the logging level you have set. The broker supports three logging levels: ERROR, WARNING , and INFO (see Table 12–2). Each level includes those above it (for example, WARNING includes ERROR).

Table 12–2 Logging Levels

Logging Level 



Serious problems that could cause system failure 


Conditions that should be heeded but will not cause system failure 


Metrics and other informational messages 

The default logging level is INFO, so messages at all three levels are logged by default. The following is an example of an INFO message:

   [13/Sep/2000:16:13:36 PDT] [B1004]: Starting the broker service
   using tcp [25374,100] with min threads 50 and max threads of 500

You can change the time zone used in the time stamp by setting the broker configuration property imq.log.timezone (see Table 16–10).