Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Pausing and Resuming a Broker

The subcommand imqcmd pause bkr pauses a broker, suspending its connection service threads and causing it to stop listening on the connection ports:

   imqcmd pause bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]

For example, the following command pauses the broker running on host myhost at port 1588:

   imqcmd pause bkr  -b myhost:1588  -u admin

Because its connection service threads are suspended, a paused broker is unable to accept new connections, receive messages, or dispatch messages. The admin connection service is not suspended, allowing you to continue performing administrative tasks needed to regulate the flow of messages to the broker. Pausing a broker also does not suspend the cluster connection service; however, since message delivery within a cluster depends on the delivery functions performed by the different brokers in the cluster, pausing a broker in a cluster may result in a slowing of some message traffic.

You can also pause individual connection services and physical destinations. For more information, see Pausing and Resuming a Connection Service and Pausing and Resuming a Physical Destination.

The subcommand imqcmd resume bkr reactivates a broker’s service threads, causing it to resume listening on the ports:

   imqcmd resume bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]

For example, the following command resumes the default broker (host localhost at port 7676):

   imqcmd resume bkr  -u admin