Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Quiescing a Broker

The subcommand imqcmd quiesce bkr quiesces a broker, causing it to refuse any new client connections while continuing to service old ones:

   imqcmd quiesce bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]

If the broker is part of an enhanced broker cluster, this allows its operations to wind down normally without triggering a takeover by another broker, for instance in preparation for shutting it down administratively for upgrade or similar purposes. For example, the following command quiesces the broker running on host hastings at port 1066:

   imqcmd quiesce bkr  -b hastings:1066  -u admin

To reverse the process and return the broker to normal operation, use the imqcmd unquiesce bkr subcommand:

   imqcmd unquiesce bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]

For example, the following command unquiesces the broker that was quiesced in the preceding example:

   imqcmd unquiesce bkr  -b hastings:1066  -u admin