Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Shutting Down and Restarting a Broker

The subcommand imqcmd shutdown bkr shuts down a broker:

   imqcmd shutdown bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]
                        [-time nSeconds]

The broker stops accepting new connections and messages, completes delivery of existing messages, and terminates the broker process.

The -time option, if present, specifies the interval, in seconds, to wait before shutting down the broker. For example, the following command delays 90 seconds and then shuts down the broker running on host wolfgang at port 1756:

   imqcmd shutdown bkr  -b wolfgang:1756  -time 90  -u admin

The broker will not block, but will return immediately from the delayed shutdown request. During the shutdown interval, the broker will not accept any new jms connections; admin connections will be accepted, and existing jms connections will continue to operate. If the broker belongs to an enhanced broker cluster, it will not attempt to take over for any other broker during the shutdown interval.

If the broker is part of an enhanced broker cluster (see High-Availability Clusters in Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Technical Overview), another broker in the cluster will ordinarily attempt to take over its persistent data on shutdown; the -nofailover option to the imqcmd shutdown bkr subcommand suppresses this behavior. Conversely, you can use the imqcmd takeover bkr subcommand to force such a takeover manually (for instance, if the takeover broker were to fail before completing the takeover process); see Preventing or Forcing Broker Failover for more information.

Note –

The imqcmd takeover bkr subcommand is intended only for use in failed-takeover situations. You should use it only as a last resort, and not as a general way of forcibly taking over a running broker.

To shut down and restart a broker, use the subcommand imqcmd restart bkr:

   imqcmd restart bkr  [-b hostName:portNumber]

This shuts down the broker and then restarts it using the same options that were specified when it was first started. To choose different options, shut down the broker with imqcmd shutdown bkr and then start it again with the Broker utility (imqbrokerd), specifying the options you want.