Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Activating or Deactivating a User

The imqusermgr update subcommand can also be used to change a user’s active status:

   imqusermgr update  [-i brokerName]
                       -u userName  -a activeStatus

The -u identifies the user; -a is a boolean value specifying the user’s new status as active (true) or inactive (false). If the broker name (-i option) is omitted, the default broker imqbroker is assumed.

For example, the following command sets user AliBaba’s status to inactive on broker imqbroker:

   imqusermgr update  -u AliBaba  -a false

This renders AliBabe unable to open new broker connections.

You can combine the -p (password) and -a (active status) options in the same imqusermgr update command. The options may appear in either order: for example, both of the following commands activate the user entry for AliBaba and set the password to plugh:

   imqusermgr update  -u AliBaba  -p plugh  -a true
   imqusermgr update  -u AliBaba  -a true  -p plugh