Sun Java System Message Queue 4.3 Administration Guide

Changing a User’s Password

You can use the subcommand imqusermgr update to change a user’s password:

   imqusermgr update  [-i brokerName]
                       -u userName  -p password

The -u identifies the user; -p specifies the new password. If the broker name (-i option) is omitted, the default broker imqbroker is assumed.

For example, the following command changes the password for user AliBaba to Shazam on broker imqbroker:

   imqusermgr update  -u AliBaba  -p Shazam

Note –

For the sake of security, you should change the password of the admin user from its initial default value (admin) to one that is known only to you. The following command changes the default administrator password for broker mybroker to veeblefetzer:

   imqusermgr update  -i mybroker  -u admin  -p veeblefetzer

You can quickly confirm that this change is in effect by running any of the command line tools when the broker is running. For example, the following command will prompt you for a password:

   imqcmd list svc  mybroker  -u admin

Entering the new password (veeblefetzer) should work; the old password should fail.

After changing the password, you should supply the new password whenever you use any of the Message Queue administration tools, including the Administration Console.