Sun GlassFish Enterprise Manager Performance Monitor 1.0 Getting Started Guide

Adding a JMX Connection to a Remote Host

Performance Monitor uses JMX connections to monitor GlassFish domains on remote host systems. Follow these steps to add a JMX connection to a remote host:

  1. In the Applications window, navigate to and select the remote host to which you want to add a JMX connection.

  2. Right-click the remote host, and then choose Add JMX Connection from the context menu that appears.

    The Add JMX Connection window is displayed.

  3. In the Connection box, add the JMX port number after the host name and colon. In default installations of GlassFish, the JMX port number is 8686.

  4. Make sure the Use security credentials box is checked. Then enter the GlassFish administrator user name and password in the Username and Password boxes.

  5. If TLS/SSL security has been set up on the JMX port of the GlassFish domain you are connecting to, check the Use TLS/SSL box.

  6. Click OK.

    The Add JMX Connection window closes, and the JMX connection appears under the remote host in the Applications window.