Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for JMX Clients

Manager MBeans

In addition to the resource MBeans associated with individual resources, there are also manager MBeans for managing some whole categories of resources. These manager MBeans also come in pairs—one for configuration and one for monitoring—for the following resource categories:

Unlike individual resource MBeans, a broker has only one pair of manager MBeans for each whole category of resources: for instance, a single destination manager configuration MBean and a single destination manager monitor MBean. For some categories (connection services, connections, destinations), the manager MBeans exist in addition to the ones for individual resources, and are used to manage the collection of resource MBeans within the category or to perform global tasks that are beyond the scope of individual resource MBeans. Thus, for instance, there is a connection manager configuration MBean and a connection manager monitor MBean in addition to the connection configuration and connection monitor MBeans associated with individual connections. Manager MBeans of this type are used to perform tasks such as the following:

In other cases (message producers, message consumers, transactions), there are no MBeans associated with individual resources and all of the resources in the category are managed through the manager MBeans themselves. The manager MBeans for these categories can be used for such tasks as the following: