Sun GlassFish Message Queue 4.4 Developer's Guide for JMX Clients

Resource MBeans

Resource MBeans are associated with individual Message Queue resources of the following types:

Configuration and monitoring functions are implemented by separate MBeans. Each managed resource is associated with a configuration MBean for setting the resource's configuration and a monitor MBean for gathering (typically transient) information about its runtime state. For instance, there is a destination configuration MBean for configuring a destination and a destination monitor MBean for obtaining runtime information about it. In general, each instance of a managed resource has its own pair of MBeans: thus there is a separate destination configuration MBean and destination monitor MBean for each individual destination. (In the case of the Java Virtual Machine, there is only a JVM monitor MBean with no corresponding configuration MBean.)

Configuration MBeans are used to perform such tasks as the following:

Monitor MBeans are used to obtain runtime information such as the following: