Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Instant Messaging Logging Overview

Instant Messaging provides two ways to generate log files; using log4j, or without log4j by specifying parameters in iim.conf. Log4j style logging is available for all server instances including redirect servers, Calendar agent, watchdog, and the XMPP/HTTP Gateway, but not the multiplexor.

For information on logging for the XMPP/HTTP Gateway, see Managing Logging for the XMPP/HTTP Gateway. For information on setting up logging for Instant Messenger see Administering Logging for Instant Messenger.

Note –

The iim.conf parameter-based logging mechanism may be deprecated in a future release. Use log4j wherever possible.

You can configure the level of logging for the Instant Messaging server, multiplexor, Calendar agent, watchdog, and XMPP/HTTP Gateway. In addition, using log4j, you can configure Instant Messaging to generate a separate log file for XMPP traffic only.

If you are not using log4j style logging, as part of regular system maintenance, you need to periodically review and trim the log files from occupying more disk space. The server does not perform this action.

For more information about log4j, see the Apache Logging Services website.