Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Rebranding Instant Messenger

The imbrand.jar file contains all images and the properties that control the look and feel of Instant Messenger. You can customize the appearance of Instant Messenger by modifying the images and the properties in imbrand.jar.

ProcedureTo Rebrand Instant Messenger

  1. Copy imbrand.jar file to a working directory.

    For example:

    cp im-svr-base/html/lang/imbrand.jar working-directory
  2. Change to the working directory.

    cd working-directory 
  3. Extract the imbrand.jar file.

    jar xf imbrand.jar

    This command creates a directory tree where the resource files are copied. This directory structure has to be maintained when you modify the individual files in the imbrand.jar file.

    Alternatively, you can extract a single file included in imbrand.jar and put it under the directory structure you specify. For example, to extract only, use the following command:

    jar xf imbrand.jar com/sun/im/desktop/brand/
  4. Update imbrand.jar with the modified .gif, .wav, and .properties files.

    You can update all the files in imbrand.jar as follows:

    jar cf imbrand.jar .

    To update imbrand.jar with a single modified file, use the following command:

    jar uf imbrand.jar com/sun/im/desktop/brand/filename

    Where filename is the name of the file included in imbrand.jar, for example,

  5. Copy imbrand.jar to the resource directory.

    For example:

    cp imbrand.jar im-svr-base/html/lang/ .

    Note –

    If you support multiple locales in your deployment, follow the procedure for rebranding Instant Messenger for every supported locale.