Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Redeploying Resource Files

If you are using Sun Java System Application Server or Sun Java System Web Server, and you make changes to the resource files after you run the configure utility as a result of site changes or customization, you need to redeploy the files to the web container. You may also need to redeploy the resource files after upgrading Instant Messaging.

ProcedureTo Redeploy Resource Files to Sun Java System Application Server or Sun Java System Web Server

  1. Run the iwadmin command.


    Where im-svr-base is the directory in which you installed Instant Messaging.

    Running iwadmin updates the Instant Messenger .jar files. However, iwadmin does not update or reinitialize the Instant Messenger download page.

    See the documentation for your web container for additional information. Also see the iwadmin man page for additional configuration options.

  2. (Optional) After upgrading, if you want to reinitialize the Instant Messenger download page, run the configure utility again.

    Reinitializing the download page overwrites any customizations you have made. If you choose not to reinitialize the download page, be aware that the product version on the download page and the product version in the Instant Messenger .jar files may differ.

    See Chapter 1, Configuring Instant Messaging After Installation for more information.