Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Site Policies

Site policies specify end-user access to specific functionality in Instant Messaging. Site policies specify the ability to:

The Instant Messaging administrator has access to all Instant Messaging features. The administrator has MANAGE access to all conference rooms and news channels, can view presence information of any end user, and can view and modify properties such as Contact Lists and Instant Messenger Settings of any end user. The site policy settings have no impact on the administrator’s privileges.

By default, the end user is provided with the privileges to access the presence status of other end users, send alerts to end users, and save properties to the server. In most of the deployments, the default values are not changed. These default values need to be changed when Instant Messaging is used exclusively for the pop-up functionality.

When Instant Messaging is used exclusively for the pop-up functionality, the end user will not be provided with the access privileges to presence information, chat, and news features.

Note –

Although certain privileges can be set globally, the administrator can also define exceptions for these privileges. For example, the administrator can deny certain default privileges to select end users, roles, or groups.