Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Modifying Attributes Directly

An end user can log into theAccess Manager admin console and view the values of attributes in the Instant Messaging and Presence service attributes. If the attributes have been defined as modifiable, end users can alter them. By default no attributes in the Instant Messaging service are modifiable, nor is it recommended that end users be allowed to modify them. However, from the standpoint of system administration, manipulating attributes directly can be useful.

For example, since roles do not affect some system attributes, such as setting conference subscriptions, system administrators might want to modify the values of these attributes by copying them from another end user (such as from a conference roster) or modifying them directly. These attributes are listed in Table 17–5.

User attributes can be set by end users through the Sun Java System Access Manager admin console. Dynamic attributes are set by the administrator. A value set for a dynamic attribute overrides or is combined with the corresponding user attribute value.

The nature of corresponding dynamic and user attributes influences how conflicting and complementing information is resolved. For example, Conference Subscriptions from two sources (dynamic and user) complement each other, so the subscriptions are merged. Neither attribute overrides the other.

Table 17–5 Access Manager User and Dynamic Attributes for Instant Messaging

Admin Console Label 

User Attribute 

Dynamic Attribute 

Attribute Description 

Conflict Resolution 

Messenger Settings 



Contains all the properties for Instant Messenger and corresponds to the file in the file-based user properties storage

Merge. Unless a particular property has a value from both the user and dynamic attribute, then the dynamic attribute overrides. 




Contains subscription information (user contact list roster) 

Merge. If a Jabber identifier is present in both the user and dynamic attribute, then the nickname will be taken from the user attribute, the group will be a union of all groups from both user and dynamic attributes, the subscription value will be the highest value from the user and dynamic value. 

Conference Subscriptions 



Contains conference room subscription information 

Merge. Dynamic and user subscriptions are merged, and duplicates are removed. 

News Channel Subscriptions 



Contains news channel subscription information 

Merge. Dynamic and user subscriptions are merged and duplicates are removed. 

Presence Agents 



Not used in this release (for future use) 

The dynamic information is used. 




Corresponds to the privacy setting in Instant Messenger 

Merge. the dynamic value is used if there is a conflict. 

Instant Messenger Preferences 



Store private preferences here that are not stored in Messenger Settings