Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Creating New Suborganizations Using Access Manager

The ability to create suborganizations using Sun Java System Access Manager enables organizationally separate populations to be created within the Instant Messaging server. Each suborganization can be mapped to a different DNS domain. End users in one suborganization are completely isolated from those in another. The following procedure describes minimal steps to create a new suborganization for Instant Messaging.

ProcedureTo Create a New Suborganization

  1. Log in to the Access Manager admin console at http://hostname:port/amconsole.

    For example:

  2. Select the Identity Management tab.

  3. Create a new organization:

    1. Select Organizations in the View drop down list in the navigation pane (the lower-left frame).

    2. Click New.

      The New Organization page appears in the data pane (the lower-right frame).

    3. Enter a suborganization name.

      For example:

    4. Enter a domain name.

      For example:
    5. Click Create.

  4. Register services for the newly created suborganization:

    1. Click the name for the new suborganization in the navigation pane.

      For example, click sub1. Ensure that you click the name, not the property arrow at the right.

    2. Select Services from the View drop down list in the navigation pane.

    3. Click Register.

      The Register Services page appears in the data pane.

    4. Select the following services under the Authentication heading:

      • Core

      • LDAP

    5. Select the following services under the Instant Messaging Configuration heading:

      • Instant Messaging Service

      • Presence Service

    6. Click Register.

      The newly selected services for this suborganization appear in the navigation pane.

  5. Create service templates for the newly selected services:

    1. In the navigation pane, click the property arrow for a service, starting with the Core service.

      The Create Service Template page appears in the data pane.

    2. In the data pane, click Create.

      A page displaying a list of template options for the service you have selected appears.

      You should click Create for each service even when you do not want to modify the template options.

    3. Modify the options for the service template of each service as follows:

      • Core: Generally, no options need to be modified.

      • LDAP: Add the prefix of the new suborganization to the DN to Start User Search field.

        After adding the prefix, the final DN should be in this format:


        Enter the LDAP password in the Password for Root User Bind and Password for Root User Bind (confirm) fields.

      • Instant Messaging Service: Generally, no options need to be modified.

    4. Click Save.

    5. Repeat steps a-d until you have created service templates for each service.