Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Instant Messaging Portal Archive Overview

Features of the Instant Messaging Portal Archive Provider include the following:

All instant messages are divided into the following categories for the purpose of archiving:

Chat - All messages in the private conference rooms.

Conference - All messages in the public conference rooms.

Alerts - All alert messages.

Poll - All poll messages.

News - All messages posted in the news channels.

The Instant Messaging Portal Archive contains the following components:

Archive and Retrieval Component - Portal Server Search component, also known as the Archive and Retrieval component, is used to store archived Instant Messages. The Instant Messaging archive data is indexed and can be stored in the Portal Server Search database. You can also assign categories to the archive data. For example, you can store alert messages under the Alert category. Storing data in separate categories helps to simplify search operations and enables quick retrieval of archived data.

Instant Messaging Archive Search or Display Servlet - When the end user performs a search operation for documents matching certain criteria, the Portal Server Search fetches pages matching this criteria. These pages can be remote web pages or Instant Messaging archive data, also referred as Instant Messaging resource descriptors.

Instant Messaging Archive Provider - This component is invoked by the Instant Messaging server whenever instant messages are to be archived. The Instant Messaging Archive Provider builds the Summary Object Interchange Format (SOIF) compliant Resource Descriptors (RD) based on the data provided by the Instant Messaging server. The Archive Provider uses Portal Server Search APIs to send these Resource Descriptors to the Portal Server Search database, and maintains a buffer of the records to be submitted to the Portal ServerSearch database to reduce the performance hit.

Figure 18–1 illustrates Instant Messaging Portal Archive components.

Figure 18–1 Instant Messaging Portal Archive Components

This figure shows Instant Messaging Portal archive components
and data flow.