Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

rdmgr Command

The rdmgr command is the main command used to work with the Search service. It gives the administrator two types of subcommands: one that is used to work with resource descriptors (RDs), and another used for database maintenance. The rdmgr command is normally run in a search-enabled Portal Server instance directory.

ProcedureTo Invoke the rdmgr Command

  1. Change to the https-servername directory.

    cd /var/opt/SUNWps/https-servername

    Where servername is the name of the Portal Server

  2. Type the following at the command-line:

    run-cs-cli portal-svr-base/SUNWps/bin/rdmgr options

    where portal-svr-base is the directory in which Portal Server is installed.

    For more information on rdmgr command, see Command-Line Utilities in Sun Java System Portal Server Administration Guide.