Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Sample Deployment Scenario for Archive Provider

This sample deployment scenario explains how to archive the related Instant Messaging data collectively.

Example 18–1 Archiving Related Instant Messaging Data Collectively

Create separate categories for each type of data. For example, in the Archive category where all the archived Instant Messaging data are stored, create a subcategory called “Chat” for storing chat messages. You can also create subcategories for archiving data based on time. For example, to archive chat data for the month of December 2002 the subcategory will be:


ProcedureTo Archive All Instant Messaging Chat Data Based on Time

  1. Change to theim-cfg-base directory.

    See Instant Messaging Server Directory Structure for information on locating im-cfg-base.

  2. Open iim.conf.

    See iim.conf File Syntax for instructions on locating and modifying iim.conf.

  3. Add the following value for = Archive:Chat:%Y:%M

    The archive provider automatically assigns the current year for %Y and current month for %M. These values are taken from the system date and time.

ProcedureTo Archive and Back up Instant Messaging Chat Data for the Month of December 2005 to the Subcategory

  1. Type the following:

    rdmgr -Q "classification=Archive:Chat:2005:12" > archive.soif
  2. Copy the archive.soif file to your backup system.

ProcedureTo Remove Archived Instant Messaging Chat Data for the Month of December 2005 from the Portal Server Search Database

  1. Type the following at the command line:

    rdmgr -d "classification=Archive:Chat:2005:12"