Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Catastrophic Installation Failure Leaves Server in an Inconsistent State

If a catastrophic error occurs while installing or uninstalling Instant Messaging, the system might be left in an inconsistent state. This results in both install and uninstall being unable to complete. In this circumstance, you must manually remove all the Instant Messaging components so that a fresh install can be attempted. The clean up procedure consists of removing packages and registry information.

ProcedureTo Manually Remove All Instant Messaging Components

  1. Back up any information you might need in a future installation.

    See Backing Up Instant Messaging Data for instructions.

  2. Manually edit the product registry information.

    For Solaris 9, issue the following command:


    For all other operating systems:

    1. Edit productregistry.xml and remove all Instant Messaging XML elements from the file.

      By default, the productregistry XML file is stored in the following locations:

      • Solaris: /var/sadm/install/productregistry

      • Linux: /var/tmp/productregistry

    2. Remove the following packages or RPMs if they are still present:

      • SUNWiim

      • SUNWiimc

      • SUNWiimd

      • SUNWiimid

      • SUNWiimin

      • SUNWiimjd

      • SUNWiimm

      • SUNWiimc-l10n

      • SUNWiimd-l10n

      • SUNWiimid-l10n

      • SUNWiimin-l10n