Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Starting Instant Messaging Components

You can start all the components together or a single component separately.

Use the imadmin command with the start option to start the Instant Messaging Server, multiplexor, Calendar agent, cluster agent, and watchdog depending on which components are enabled.

ProcedureTo Start All Components

  1. At the command line, type the following:

    imadmin start

    If both server and multiplexor are enabled, this command first starts the Instant Messaging server, and then starts the multiplexor.

    If the watchdog is enabled (default), this command starts the watchdog, then the watchdog reads the configuration file and starts the Instant Messaging Server and/or multiplexor as necessary.

ProcedureTo Start a Single Component

  1. At the command line, type the imadmin start command with an argument that designates the component as follows:


    imadmin start server


    imadmin start multiplexor

    Calendar agent:

    imadmin start agent-calendar


    imadmin start watchdog