Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

Checking the Status of Instant Messaging Components

You can check the status of all the components together or a single component separately using the imadmin command with the status option. This command returns results in the following format:

Component  [status]

For example:

Server          [UP]
Multiplexor     [UP]
Agent:calendar  [DOWN]
Watchdog        [UP]

ProcedureTo Check the Status of All Components

  1. At the command line, type the following:

    imadmin status

    This command returns the status of all enabled components.

ProcedureTo Check the Status of a Single Component

  1. At the command line, type the imadmin status command with an argument that designates the component as follows:


    imadmin status server


    imadmin status multiplexor

    Calendar agent:

    imadmin status agent-calendar


    imadmin status watchdog