Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Restore End-user Data from Backup

  1. Change to the im-runtime-base directory.

    See Instant Messaging Server Directory Structure for information on locating im-runtime-base.

  2. Stop the Instant Messaging server:

    imadmin stop
  3. Copy the backed up data to the im-db-base directory.

    Be sure to maintain the directory structure of the backed up data.

  4. Verify the permissions and owner of the newly restored data.

    The files should be owned by the Instant Messaging system user. See Creating a UNIX System User and Group for information on this user. Permissions should be set as follows:

    • Files: 600 (indicating read and write permissions for owner only)

    • Directories: 700 (indicating read, write, and execute permissions for owner only)

    Refer to your operating system documentation for information on changing permissions and owners.

  5. Start the Instant Messaging server.

    imadmin start