Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable SSL Between Instant Messenger and the Multiplexor

  1. Open iim.conf.

    See iim.conf File Syntax for instructions on locating and modifying iim.conf.

  2. Add the values from Table 12–2 to the multiplexor configuration parameters in iim.conf.

Example 12–2 Legacy SSL Multiplexor Configuration in iim.conf

The following is an example of iim.conf with the multiplexor configuration parameters included:

! IIM multiplexor configuration
! =============================
! Multiplexor specific options

! IP address and listening port for the multiplexor.
! WARNING: If this value is changed, the port value of ’-server’
! argument in the client’s im.html and im.jnlp files should 
! also be changed to match this.
iim_mux.listenport = ""

! The IM server and port the multiplexor talks to.
iim_mux.serverport = ""

! Number of instances of the multiplexor.
iim_mux.numinstances = "1"

! Maximum number of threads per instance
iim_mux.maxthreads = "10"

! Maximum number of concurrent connections per multiplexor process
iim_mux.maxsessions = "1000"

iim_mux.usessl = "on"
iim_mux.secconfigdir = "/etc/opt/SUNWiim/default/config"
iim_mux.keydbprefix = "This-Database"
iim_mux.certdbprefix = "Secret-stuff"
iim_mux.secmodfile = "secmod.db"
iim_mux.certnickname = "Multiplexor_Cert"
iim_mux.keystorepasswordfile = "sslpassword.conf"