Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Rebrand Instant Messenger

  1. Copy imbrand.jar file to a working directory.

    For example:

    cp im-svr-base/html/lang/imbrand.jar working-directory
  2. Change to the working directory.

    cd working-directory 
  3. Extract the imbrand.jar file.

    jar xf imbrand.jar

    This command creates a directory tree where the resource files are copied. This directory structure has to be maintained when you modify the individual files in the imbrand.jar file.

    Alternatively, you can extract a single file included in imbrand.jar and put it under the directory structure you specify. For example, to extract only, use the following command:

    jar xf imbrand.jar com/sun/im/desktop/brand/
  4. Update imbrand.jar with the modified .gif, .wav, and .properties files.

    You can update all the files in imbrand.jar as follows:

    jar cf imbrand.jar .

    To update imbrand.jar with a single modified file, use the following command:

    jar uf imbrand.jar com/sun/im/desktop/brand/filename

    Where filename is the name of the file included in imbrand.jar, for example,

  5. Copy imbrand.jar to the resource directory.

    For example:

    cp imbrand.jar im-svr-base/html/lang/ .

    Note –

    If you support multiple locales in your deployment, follow the procedure for rebranding Instant Messenger for every supported locale.