Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure Calendar Server for Pop-ups

  1. Log in to the Calendar server host as an administrator with permission to change the configuration.

  2. Change to the cal-svr-base/SUNWics5/cal/config directory.

    Where cal-svr-base is the directory in which you installed Calendar Server.

  3. Save your old ics.conf file by copying and renaming it.

  4. Confirm that the parameters shown in the following table have the values shown. If they do not, you need to modify them.


    Description and Default Value  


    Enables calendar alarms to be queued. The default is "1" (enabled).


    Output format for alarm content. The default is "text/xml".


    Enables calendar alarms to be dispatched. The default is "yes".


    The type of server alarm to dispatch. The default is "ens".


    This is the URL for alarm retrieving alarm contents. The default is "enp:///ics/customalarm".

  5. Save the ics.conf file.

  6. Restart Calendar server.


    Where cal-svr-base is the directory in which you installed Sun Java System Calendar Server.