Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Store Archived Messages in a Non-default Database

Use this procedure to configure Instant Messaging to store archived messages in a database other than the default.

  1. Open iim.conf.

    See Appendix A, Instant Messaging Configuration Parameters in iim.conf for instructions on locating and modifying iim.conf.

  2. For the default archive provider, add the following line: = database-name

    where database-name is the name of your non-default database.

  3. Save and close iim.conf.

  4. Modify the Portal Server Search Channel.

    Change the Portal Server Search Channel to add an option for searching the data in another database. See the Sun Java System Portal Server Desktop Customization Guide for more information.

  5. Change to the IMProvider directory.

    For example:

    cd /etc/opt/SUNWps/desktop/default_locale/IMProvider/

    Where locale is the locale of the language used in your deployment. For example, default_ja or en_US. Also, if you created multiple instances of Instant Messaging, the name of the /default directory will vary depending on the instance.

  6. Create a back up of the IMArchiveDisplay.jsp file.

  7. Open the IMArchiveDisplay.jsp file.

  8. Search through the IMArchiveDisplay.jsp file and locate the following two lines of code:

    <search:setQuery query = "<%= scope %>"/>
     <search:setRDMType rdmType = "rd-request"/>
  9. Between the two lines of code shown in the previous step, add the following line of code:

    <search:setDatabase database = "database-name"/>

    After you add the new line of code, that section of code should look as follows:

    <search:setQuery query = "<%= scope %>"/>
     <search:setDatabase database = "database-name"/>
    <search:setRDMType rdmType = "rd-request"/>

    where database-name is the name of the non-default database.

  10. Replace the virtual search server with the physical server hostname.

  11. Save and close IMArchiveDisplay.jsp.