Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Manually Remove All Instant Messaging Components

  1. Back up any information you might need in a future installation.

    See Backing Up Instant Messaging Data for instructions.

  2. Manually edit the product registry information.

    For Solaris 9, issue the following command:


    For all other operating systems:

    1. Edit productregistry.xml and remove all Instant Messaging XML elements from the file.

      By default, the productregistry XML file is stored in the following locations:

      • Solaris: /var/sadm/install/productregistry

      • Linux: /var/tmp/productregistry

    2. Remove the following packages or RPMs if they are still present:

      • SUNWiim

      • SUNWiimc

      • SUNWiimd

      • SUNWiimid

      • SUNWiimin

      • SUNWiimjd

      • SUNWiimm

      • SUNWiimc-l10n

      • SUNWiimd-l10n

      • SUNWiimid-l10n

      • SUNWiimin-l10n