Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Store Instant Messaging User Properties in LDAP

  1. In iim.conf, ensure that the iim.policy.modules parameter has a value of iim_ldap.

    See iim.conf File Syntax for information on iim.conf.

  2. In iim.conf, ensure that the parameter has a value of ldap.

  3. From the command line, run imadmin with the assign_services option:

    imadmin assign_services

    imadmin checks the value of the iim.policy.modules parameter in iim.conf.

  4. Enter the Bind DN and password you want imadmin use to bind to the directory.

    The Bind DN should have sufficient credentials to modify the directory schema, for example the Directory Manager DN.

  5. Enter the Base DN under which user entries are stored.

    Next, imadmin adds sunIMUser, and sunPresenceUser objectclasses to the user entries in the organization you specified.