Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable or Disable Logging for the XMPP/HTTP Gateway

You can enable or disable logging for the gateway in two ways:

Under most circumstances, you should modify the configuration in the httpbind_log4j.conf file itself, leaving the httpbind.log4j.config parameter set to the location of the httpbind_log4j.conf file. This procedure describes modifying the configuration within the httpbind_log4j.conf file.

  1. Open the httpbind_log4j.conf file.

    This file is stored at the location you specified in httpbind.conf file as the value for the httpbind.log4j.config parameter. By default the file is stored in the following directory under the default Instant Messaging instance:

  2. To disable logging for the gateway, set the log4j.logger.gateway parameter as follows:

  3. To enable logging, set the log4j.logger.gateway parameter to the desired logging level.

    For example:


    See Table 13–1 for a list of valid logging levels you can use.

  4. Save and close httpbind_log4j.conf.