Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Configure an XMPP/HTTP Gateway in a Instant Messaging Gateway Pool

  1. Open httpbind.conf.

    See httpbind.conf File Location for information on finding this file.

  2. To configure the gateway as part of a deployment with an Instant Messaging gateway pool:

    1. Set the parameter to true:
    2. Set the httpbind.pool.nodeId parameter to the full URL of the gateway.

      The URL is used as the gateway's nodeId. This nodeId must be unique within the server pool. The gateway uses this nodeId to determine whether it must service a received request or forward the request to another gateway in the pool.

  3. To configure the gateway not to work within a gateway pool, set the parameter as follows:
  4. Save and close httpbind.conf.

  5. Restart the gateway using the tools provided by the web or application server.