Sun Java System Instant Messaging 7.2 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable SSO for Instant Messaging

  1. Ensure that the Access Manager SDK is installed on the same host as the Instant Messaging server.

    See Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Installation Guide for more information.

  2. Ensure that Instant Messaging services are assigned to the organization in the Access Manager console (amconsole).

    If you are using other Communications Suite server products in your deployment, such as Messaging Server, you may need to manually configure Access Manager–based services for Instant Messaging.

    See Adding Instant Messaging and Presence Services to a Sub-organization in Access Manager for Single Sign-On and Policy Management Support for instructions.

  3. Run the configure utility.

    See To Configure Instant Messaging After Installation for instructions.

  4. When prompted whether you want to use Access Manager for SSO, select yes.

  5. Set the iim.policy.module parameter to identity:

    1. Open iim.conf and find the iim.policy.module parameter.

    2. Set the parameter:

      iim.policy.module = "identity"
  6. Restart the Instant Messaging server:

    imadmin start