Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Communications Suite Single-tiered Logical Deployment Example for One Host

As its name implies, this example installs and configures components onto a single server. Consult with your Sun Client Services representative to determine the server type and configuration that best suits your needs.

In general, the single-tiered one host architecture is best suited for enterprises that are:

The trade-offs associated with a single-host configuration include:

Figure 28–1 shows a single-host deployment example. The following Communications Suite components are installed on the same host:

In this example, the directory service resides on a different host than Communications Suite. Directory Server and Access Manager are a complex deployment on their own. This figure represents those components by a “cloud.”

Figure 28–1 Communications Suite Single-tiered Deployment Example for One Host

This diagram shows a Communications Suite single-tiered deployment
example on a single host.

The following table explains the protocols and port numbers used by this deployment.

Table 28–1 Protocols And Ports Used by Single-tiered Deployment Example



Used By  



Messaging Server MTA component to communicate with other systems, and Calendar Server (csenpd) component to send email notifications



Clients to communicate with the Messaging Server Webmail (mshttpd) components



Communications Express to communicate with Calendar Server (cshttpd)



Communications Express to communicate with Messaging Server (mshttpd)



Clients to communicate with the Messaging Server imapd components



Messaging Server and Calendar Server to communicate with LDAP directory 

To position this deployment for future growth, you would use logical service names to install. Logical service names position deployments for easier expansion. See Using Logical Service Names for more information. You would consider expanding to a two-tiered architecture when issues arise with capacity, performance, multiple geographic sites, and availability.