Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Connector for Microsoft Outlook Overview

Organizations deploy Connector for Microsoft Outlook so that users can use Microsoft Outlook as their email and calendar client while connected to Sun Java Enterprise System servers. The Connector for Microsoft Outlook plug-in must be installed and configured for each desktop user to facilitate the necessary ongoing communications between Outlook and the servers. Also provided is the desktop deployment toolkit. The toolkit is a collection of software tools for system administrators designed to simplify both the administrator's work and the user tasks associated with installing and configuring the Connector for Microsoft Outlook plug-in for individual users.

The desktop deployment toolkit allows the administrator to create customized end-user installation packages with preset configuration parameters to simplify and streamline the user’s process. This also enforces any configuration settings the administrator deems necessary or desirable for a particular user or group of users. The deployment configuration program saves those preset configuration parameters in an .ini text file, and then bundles the .ini file with an installation program—the setup wizard—for end users. When an end user activates the package, the setup wizard reads the .ini file to install and configure the Connector software on his or her desktop according to the administrator’s specifications.