Sun Java Communications Suite 5 Deployment Planning Guide

Connector for Microsoft Outlook High-Level Architecture

The Sun Java System Connector desktop deployment toolkit consists of the following components:

In addition to the above-listed components of the deployment toolkit, the Microsoft installation program for Web Publishing Wizard (WPW) (available from other vendors) may be necessary for your users to install the Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft's WPW is a tool used to generate HTML-coded documents, typically in the form of web pages to be viewed in a web browser. But WPW can also be used to “publish” information for other purposes—to create documents containing certain types of data and upload the documents to locations where other applications can find them and extract the pertinent data. Connector for Microsoft Outlook uses WPW this way to facilitate the transfer of users' free/busy data between Outlook and the Sun Java Enterprise System servers, and WPW therefore is a necessary intermediary and a required component of every user's installation.

Note –

The WPW, however, is not included in the deployment toolkit package because it is a Microsoft product, so you must obtain the Web Publishing Wizard from Microsoft. The installation program for Microsoft’s WPW is available as a free download from