Sun Java System Application Server Enterprise Edition 8.2 Installation Guide

Installation Methods

The following methods of installation are available:

The installation program allows you to specify the method of installation, and allows you to create a configuration file for silent installation. The syntax is:

distribution-filename [-console] [-savestate configuration-filename] [-silent configuration-filename] [-javahome java-home-dir] [-h || -help]

Table 1–1 describes the command options.

Table 1–1 Options for Installation




Runs the installation using the command-line method. 

-silent configuration-filename

Runs the installation in silent mode. Installation parameters are read from an existing installation configuration file. This option is mutually exclusive with the savestate option.

The installation configuration file path must be explicitly provided; there is no default file path. Refer to Installing in Silent Mode for further specifics on silent mode installation and the installation configuration file.

-savestate configuration-filename

Runs the installation using either the graphical or command-line method and creates an installation configuration file based on this installation. This option is mutually exclusive with the silent option. If you do not specify this option, no installation configuration file is created. 


Sets the java-home-dir if you are using an already installed JDK.

-h || -help

Displays the usage for the installation command. 

Table 1–2 identifies the command for each installation method.

Table 1–2 Installation Commands

Installation Method 

Installation Command 

Graphical interface (default) 


Command-line interface 

./distribution-filename -console

Graphical interface for creating the configuration file, which will be used for for silent mode installation 

./distribution-filename -savestate configuration-filename

Silent mode based on an existing installation configuration file 

./distribution-filename -silent configuration-filename