Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Release Notes

Installer Support for Sun Connection Registration

The Message Queue installer has been enhanced to allow for registration of Message Queue with Sun Connection, a Sun-hosted service that helps you track, organize, and maintain Sun hardware and software.

As part of Message Queue installation, you can choose to register Message Queue with Sun Connection. Information about the installed Message Queue, such as the release version, host name, operating system, installation date, and other such basic information is securely transmitted to the Sun Connection database. The Sun Connection inventory service can help you organize your Sun hardware and software, while the update service can inform you of the latest available security fixes, recommended updates, and feature enhancements.

The following installer screen has been added to Message Queue 4.2 for Sun Connection registration:

Screen for Sun Connection registration.

Registration requires that you have a Sun Online account or create one. If you do not already have an account, the installer provides the following screen for creating a Sun Online account:

Screen for creating a Sun Online account.

You can register Message Queue during installation using the above screens, or wait until after installation has been completed and run the installer in register-only mode, as follows:

# installer -r

The register-only mode requires that Message Queue 4.2 already be installed and will display only the installer screens related to registration.