Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Release Notes

Automatic Broker Startup on Solaris 10 OS

This section describes how to configure automatic broker startup on Solaris 10 operating systems. Rather than using an rc file to implement automatic broker startup when a computer reboots, the following procedure makes use of the Solaris 10 Service Management Facility (SMF).

For more info on using the Service Management Facility, please refer to Solaris 10 documentation.

ProcedureTo implement automatic broker startup on Solaris 10 OS

  1. Import the mqbroker service into the SMF repository.

    # svccfg import /var/svc/manifest/application/sun/mq/mqbroker.xml

  2. Verify that the import was successful by checking the state of the mqbroker service.

    # svcs mqbroker

    Output resembles the following:

    disabled 16:22:50 svc:/application/sun/mq/mqbroker:default

    The service is initially shown as disabled.

  3. Eanable the mqbroker service.

    # svcadm enable svc:/application/sun/mq/mqbroker:default

    Enabling the mqbroker service will start the imqbrokerd process. A reboot will subsequently restart the broker.

  4. Configure the mqbroker service to pass any desired arguments to the imqbrokerd command.

    The options/server_args property is used to pass arguments toimqbrokerd. For example to add -loglevel DEBUGHIGH, do the following:

    # svccfg
    svc:> select svc:/application/sun/mq/mqbroker
    svc:/application/sun/mq/mqbroker> setprop options/server_args=\"-loglevel DEBUGHIGH\"
    svc:/application/sun/mq/mqbroker> exit