Sun Java System Message Queue 4.2 Release Notes

Feature to be Deprecated in Future Release

Message-based monitoring, which allows you to monitor a broker and its destinations using metrics information written to metrics topic destinations, will be deprecated in future releases.

Message-based monitoring makes use of the broker's configurable Metrics Message Producer to write metrics data into JMS messages, which are then sent to metrics topic destinations, depending on the type of metrics information contained in the messages. This metrics information can then be accessed by writing a client application that subscribes to the appropriate metrics topic destination, consumes its messages, and processes the data as desired.

The message-based monitoring feature has been supplanted by the JMX Administration API that was implemented in MQ 4.0 (see Support for JMX Administration API). The JMX API is more comprehensive (it includes more metrics data than is written to topic destinations) and is based on the JMX industry standard.

There is no compelling reason to use message-based monitoring now that Message Queue supports the JMX API. Information about message-based monitoring will remain in the Message Queue documentation until the feature is formally deprecated.